Lic. Law and Lawyer

Philipp do Canto advises and prozediert for over 15 years in the public sector. Among the highlights of the representation belongs in a procurement dispute within the NEAT. He began his legal career in the Secretariat of Environment and Transport departments (DETEC). Since 2008 he worked as a profound knowledge of the public sector in renowned Zurich law firms and consulting firms for clients in the areas of health, administration and energy supply. Philipp do Canto regularly publishes technical papers and occurs as a speaker at this Event. He is a member of the Zurich Bar Association.

2008 Admitted, Zurich
1999 lic.iur., With European Law, Fribourg

English, German, French, Portuguese

. Board, SvöB Switzerland. Association for Public Procurement
. Joint Committee of Bilateral Agreement Switzerland – EU on government procurement, by 2005
. Board and Scientific Advisory Board, SMSG Switzerland. Multiple Sclerosis Society
. SVVOR Switzerland. Association of Constitutional and Administrative Organisation Law
. CCISP Switzerland. Chamber of Commerce in Portugal
. SAV / CAM Switzerland. and Zurich Bar Association


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